The three of us; Cormac, Szymon and me decided some time ago to go for an “adventure”. We would go bikepacking in Morocco. There was no plan and we didn’t have the equipment or a route, but the idea was there.

The idea was there for a long time, but nothing happened. Until we all met up again in Spain. We had three titanium all-road bikes, some spare time and access to a port with a ferry to Melilla. 3 days in advance and we got a date and plan, leave on Saturday, sleep in Melilla, ride three days in Morocco, sleep in Melilla and go back on Wednesday.

Since we didn’t have bags, nor tents we decided to sleep in hotels and Airbnb’s. We had places to go, but no routes. Nobody really cared, we were stoked to go and threw some stuff into our improvised handlebar bags.

Despite our minimal planning, everything went quite well. However, when we got into the village where we were (supposed to be) sleeping on the second day and it turned out the owner of the Airbnb entered the wrong address, we got a taste of proper adventure. A friendly local explained to us that we could stay at the hotel in the next village. Because it was already dark and the roads were quite busy, we got a taxi which drove us to the hotel. There was no heating, no shower and everything was sticky, but we got a night of sleep and were ready to go the next morning.

Despite this minor setback, the trip was a big success and made us want to come back to do more riding. You will find a selection of the pictures I took, they will give you an impression of our trip.